Current Studies

Protein Recommendations to Increase Muscle (PRIME Study)


The goal of the Prime Study is to set recommendations for protein intake that can help maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass for people with cancer. This is an exciting study where different amounts of protein will be tested.

Contact information: Isabella Carneiro or Claire Trottier (780-7820;


Resting Energy Expenditure in Cancer: Associations with Body composition, Dietary Intake, and Exercise Habits (RECODE)

The RECODE study will explore energy needs of cancer patients by investigating associations between calories burned at rest, dietary intake, and body composition in a large group of individuals with different stages and types of cancer. 

Contact Information: Sarah Purcell ( or Claire Trottier (780-492-7820;

The Alberta FYBER Study (Feed Your Gut Bacteria More Fiber) 


This randomized control trial will test the effect of fiber on gut health. Participants will be asked to add a pre-packaged fiber to their daily diet for a period of six weeks. This study is recruiting healthy males or females ages 19-45 years old with a BMI of 25-35.

Contact information: or 780-492-1770